Pakistan Association of Printing and Graphic Arts Association



Pakistan Association of Printing and Graphic Arts Industry (PAPGAI) is the representative trade association of the Printing, Packaging and Graphic Arts industry of Pakistan. It was established on December 21st, 1959 after receiving its license from the Ministry of Commerce. The head office is at Lahore and the zonal office is at Karachi.

PAPGAI is recognized by the DGTO, FPCCI, relevant Ministries and all Chambers of Commerce and Industry including LCCI and KCCI.

Printing and Packaging is an industry of vital importance in Pakistan as it serves as a backbone supplier to all other key industries including Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Auto Parts and Engineering Products, Textiles, Sports Goods etc. It is also one of the biggest employment providing industries of Pakistan.

PAPGAI has been instrumental in imparting technical education to the industry members. One of its most significant contributions in this regard to the printing and graphic arts industry was to realize the need for professional training and education in printing and graphic arts immediately. Its constant efforts and interaction with the government led to the establishment of the Government Poly-Technical Institute of Printing and Graphic Arts in 1973. Since then PAPGAI has contributed richly to this institute by arranging through its contacts training in Europe for its teachers, running many train the trainer programs, setting up of digital laboratory, donating latest training techniques, start of an international standard 6 months course for “Offset Printing Machine Operator Level 2” etc.

This institute is the only recognized Government of Pakistan educational center that offers a three-year diploma covering all aspects of printing and graphic arts. It is equipped with laboratories, hands-on workshops, a library, and other facilities.

To address the issue of capacity building, PAPGAI has also taken significant initiatives under the TVET Sector Support Program in partnership with STEVTA funded by European Union, Government of Germany, and Government of Norway.. Under the TVET Sector Support Program, following milestones were achieved:

  • Development of 10 Qualification Courses:
    1. Offset Printing Level 2 – 3 (Level 4 & 5 are under development)
    2. Post Press Operations (Publishing) Level 2 – 5
    3. Post Press Operations (Packaging) Level 2 – 5
  • 5 Certified National Assessors to examine the trainees performance
  • Only Sector To Implement Diploma (Level 5) Training in TVET
  • Successful Completion of 1,000 TVET trainees with on the job training option
  • 100% job placement of trainees in leading printing presses domestically and internationally

PAPGAI under its PRINTPAK exhibitions brand has held 11 highly successful international exhibitions in Karachi and Lahore. It also offers its members desirous of attending foreign printing and packaging trade exhibitions, regarding visa invitations and facilitation.
Ever since its inception in 1959, PAPGAI has played a leading role in the betterment of the printing and graphic arts industry and has advocated its role as a Mother Industry to all other industries for their promotional, packaging as well as product transportation needs. It has always helped especially country’s youth in emerging as entrepreneurs so they are able to contribute to the country’s economy.

Head Office

Hamza Rashid – Secretary General
CC-25, Central Plaza, 3-Civic Center, Barkat Market, Garden Town, Lahore – Pakistan.


Irfan Siddiqui – Secretary
Room No. 214, 2nd Floor, Mashriq Center, Opposite Faran Club, Stadium Road, Karachi – Pakistan.